The first time.

IIt’s true your first time is always a bit daunting, scary, exciting and doubtful, but that soon passed. We arrived at a large home/farm/distillery around mid evening Sunday before last… The cabin which would be our home for the next few weeks was big and cozy, I noticed a small yet adequate log burner in the front room, yep I got straight to work settings g it up with, kindling and wood… With introductions to the owners out the way and a quick stroll around the land we got settled in after our long drive to get here, fire lit, snuggled down to our first night, ow my life the bed was so comfy, it had a goose down bed quilt that just wrapped itself around you, it was very difficult to get up as it seemed to just hold you tighter the more you tried to get up, yet 6am and up we got.. A cup of coffee and a cigarette sitting outside looking at our morning views, yes I was in ore of this view, but happy that I would be waking up to it every morning, oh forgot to mention it was raining, not heavy just your general fine misty type of easy rain, but that didn’t bother me, so first day of work hmm, build a deck for some wheely bins, sounds interesting, let’s just say it was on the side of a muddy embankment, so I make a start, pickax first strike smack and I hit a boulder, not your average type but Scottish slate marble with fools gold mixed in, it was at this point I knew this was going to be a challenge,.. Couple hours later I managed to get my first hole dug ready for the support posts,… This is when the moggies started to take a interest in my arms (blood), bite, bite, bite,… Let’s bring the family and so they did, there must have been thousands if these pesky little things, so with the first day done and my back, arms and legs aching I strolled off back to the Hut, showered and changed I examined the damage from the bites, dot to dot was most probably thought of from these bleeders, I was covered like chicken pox, Tasha had her fair share of bites too she had been cutting wood, and cleaning rooms most of the morning,..

First day of helping out over with by about 1 pm, back to our “Cabin in the woods”, our hosts suggested some local visits, so we took a short drive to the local waterfall spent a few hours following the river up stream, nice little walk and the weather was not to bad to say the least.


Choices.. Choices!!

It’s a good start.

Waking up with an aching shoulder… But a smile on my face, I find myself checking my phone more and more lately since registering with workaway, had a few messages offering for me to come help out on farms, eco houses, gin makers and even a house sit, to be honest I’m not bothered what they offer because everyone of them has the perfect place, if it’s not the views, it’s the… Nope it’s definitely the views, when I figure out how to put a picture or two on this blog I’ll show you,(figured it out). but for now picture this, “a lake or a green hill with the sun beating down on early morning dew, the odd wild deer or farm animal in the distance, or maybe a tree”, yes yes I know it’s great right?, So here’s where I’m at the choice… Messages have been passed back and forth and by the end of today I will most likely have my first destination,…. Excited, I’m ready to grab my teddy and my blankey and off I trot,… nervous, all the usual questions what if I don’t like it what if I end buried in the back garden or locked in a dungeon,… Who knows… But it’s not going to stop me, so I’ll be back later most likely with a decision.

The journey, So far….

Everything starts with an idea, Ours came from a want of being free, now it’s more so a need to be free, no more bricks, no more control, no more anything,…..

Only one slight dilemma, we have nothing, but the shoes on our feet, so here we are..

My Name is Mike and joining me on this mad idea is Tasha,.. so who are we … well this is what we are going to find out … a new life or a complete mess.

I really should learn how to lay out a Web/Blog page/site.

Day 2, well for this blog at least.

After a long night trolling through websites, I finally found some “Hope” information that may assist us during this adventure “Mad idea”,

I have already looked at many places and found some very doable options, I may not be in a very fit state to carry out some of the work required but that’s something i can work with and improve on, the normal (quit smoking, loose a few pounds, etc etc) there is more to this then just wanting to break free.

So the plan for today is to start a declutter of sorts, I have been whittling things down over the past year or so, but now it’s time to get serious, the only things i’ll be taking is the clothes on my back and a rucksack or two with other bits, Next will be selling everything else, oh before i forget i did come across a little settlement, need to look into this a little bit more, maybe make some phone calls or emails, (might have to send out a pigeon or two).

This is our Workaway Profile,